This template is part of a group of templates that are used to display information about a specific ستارہ. The list should always have {{Starbox begin}} as the first in the list, while the list should have {{Starbox end}} as the last in the list. This particular template is used to display information about the orbit of one star about another and is used as shown below. The difference between the arguments axis and axis_unitless is that axis assumes the semimajor axis to be in arcseconds and appends the second symbol (″) to it; axis_unitless does not do this, but the user may specify any desired unit inside the argument.

{{Starbox orbit
| reference = <!--Reference-->
| primary = <!--Primary name -->
| name = <!--Companion name-->
| period = <!--Period (in years)-->
| period_unitless = <!--Period (no units provided by template)-->
| axis = <!--Semimajor axis (in arcseconds)-->
| axis_unitless = <!--Semimajor axis (no units provided by template)-->
| eccentricity = <!--Eccentricity-->
| inclination = <!--Inclination (in degrees)-->
| node = <!--Longitude of node (in degrees)-->
| periastron = <!--Periastron epoch-->
| periarg = <!--Argument of periastron (in degrees), secondary -->
| periarg_primary = <!--Argument of periastron (in degrees), primary -->
| k1 = <!-- Velocity semi-amplitude (SB1, or primary in SB2), in km/s -->
| k2 = <!-- Velocity semi-amplitude (secondary in SB2), in km/s -->

The following templates are used together and are usually placed in the order listed below.

{{آغاز خانہ ستارہ}}
{{خانہ ستارہ تصویر}}
{{خانہ مشاہدہ ستارہ}}
{{خانہ مشاہدہ ستارہ2}}
{{خانہ مشاہدہ ستارہ3}}
{{خانہ خصوصیات ستارہ}}
{{خانہ ستارہ پیمائی}}
{{خانہ مدار ستارہ}}
{{خانہ تفصیلات ستارہ}}
{{خانہ فہرست ستارہ}}
{{خانہ حوالہ ستارہ}}
{{خانہ مآخذ معلومات ستارہ}}
{{اختتام خانہ ستارہ}}