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Read-only reminderترميم

A maintenance operation will be performed on Wednesday August 25 06:00 UTC. It should only last for a few minutes.

This will affect your wiki as well as 11 other wikis. During this time, publishing edits will not be possible.

Also during this time, operations on the CentralAuth will not be possible (GlobalRenames, changing/confirming e-mail addresses, logging into new wikis, password changes).

For more details about the operation and on all impacted services, please check on Phabricator.

A banner will be displayed 30 minutes before the operation.

Please help your community to be aware of this maintenance operation. شکریہ!

20:34، 24 اگست 2021ء (م ع و)

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Coolest Tool Award 2021: Call for nominationsترميم

The third edition of the m:Coolest Tool Award is looking for nominations!

Tools play an essential role for the Wikimedia projects, and so do the many volunteer developers who experiment with new ideas and develop and maintain local and global solutions to support the Wikimedia communities. The Coolest Tool Award aims to recognize and celebrate the coolest tools in a variety of categories.

The awarded projects will be announced and showcased in a virtual ceremony in December. Deadline to submit nominations is October 27. More information: m:Coolest Tool Award. Thanks for your recommendations! -- SSethi (WMF) for the 2021 Coolest Tool Academy team 05:57، 19 اکتوبر 2021ء (م ع و)

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Community Wishlist Survey 2022 is coming. Help us!ترميم

The Community Wishlist Survey 2022 starts in less than two weeks (Monday 10 January 2022, 18:00 UTC). We, the team organizing the Survey, need your help.

Only you can make the difference

How many people will hear and read about the Survey in their language? How many will decide to participate? Will there be enough of you to vote for a change you would like to see? It all depends on you, volunteers.

Why are we asking?

  • We have improved the documentation. It's friendlier and easier to use. This will mean little if it's only in English.
  • Thousands of volunteers haven't participated in the Survey yet. We'd like to improve that, too. Three years ago, 1387 people participated. Last year, there were 1773 of them. We hope that in the upcoming edition, there will be even more. You are better than us in contacting Wikimedians outside of wikis. We have prepared some images to share. More to come.

What is the Community Wishlist Survey?

It's an annual survey that allows contributors to the Wikimedia projects to propose and vote for tools and platform improvements. Long years of experience in editing or technical skills are not required.

Thanks, and be safe and successful in 2022! SGrabarczuk (WMF) (talk) 03:15، 29 دسمبر 2021ء (م ع و)

فونٹ سائزترميم

فونٹ درست کریں   ★★ ابنِ سیف ★★  07:03، 1 جنوری 2022ء (م ع و)

Tech News: 2022-02ترميم

01:23، 11 جنوری 2022ء (م ع و)

Save the Date: Coolest Tool Award 2021: this Friday, 17:00 UTCترميم

<languages />

Hello all,

The ceremony of the 2021 Wikimedia Coolest Tool Award will take place virtually on Friday 14 January 2022, 17:00 UTC.

This award is highlighting software tools that have been nominated by contributors to the Wikimedia projects. The ceremony will be a nice moment to show appreciation to our tool developers and maybe discover new tools!

Read more about the livestream and the discussion channels.

Thanks for joining! andre (talk) -08:02, 6 January 2022 (UTC)

Tech News: 2022-03ترميم

19:54، 17 جنوری 2022ء (م ع و)

ٹھل سوئی ویہار بہاولپورترميم

ساڈے سرآئیکی وسیب دی تاریخی مقامات وچ //ٹھل سوئی ویہار ھک قدیمی اہمیت دا حامل ھے ٹھل دی تاریغ بہوں پرانی ھے اے بہاولپور کنوں ڈکھن مغرب آلے پاس تریہی میل پرے ھے اتے گلن ہتی کنوں ھک میل سجھ ابھار آلے پاسے ھے گلن دی ہٹی وڈی سڑک اتے ھے ٹھل ھک کچیاں سلاں دا منارا ھے معلومات موجب ھے اتھاں بدھ مت دی درس گاہ ہئی اتے ھک راجدھانی ہئی //شیدا سرآئیکی پکھی واس فقیر نورپوری