The charts below show the way in which the بین الاقوامی صوتیاتی ابجد represents فجی زبان pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

English approximations are, in some cases, very loose and are intended to give only a general idea of the pronunciation.

حرف صحیحs
IPA Orthography English approximation
[[|β]] v roughly like vase
[[|ð]] c then
[[|j]] y (often silent) yes
[[|k]] k sky
[[|l]] l less
[[|m]] m mum
mb b amber
[[|n]] n noon
nd d dandy
ɳɖ nr Andrew
ndʒ[1] j, di ([ndʒi]) ienious
[[|ŋ]] g song
ŋɡ q finger
[[|r]] r (trilled)
[[|s]] s sister
[[|t]] t stop
[[|tʃ]][1] j, ti ([tʃi]) church, venture
[[|ɰ]] w roughly like water
IPA Example Note
ˈ siga [ˈsiŋa],
cauravou [ðɔuraˈβou]
Stress falls on the penultimate syllable if the final vowel is short,
on the final syllable if it has a long vowel or a diphthong.
IPA Orthography English approximation
[[|a]] a cat
[[|e]] e pet
[[|i]] i seat
[[|o]] o more
[[|u]] u coot
ei ei grey
eu eu Spanish Europa
ɛi ai between may and my
iu iu Brazilian Portuguese Brasil
oi oi coy
ou ou know
ɔu au between know and now

حواشی ترمیم

  1. ^ ا ب The affricates [ndʒ, tʃ]) are correctly written with ligature ties: [nd͡ʒ, t͡ʃ]. The ties are omitted in transcriptions on Wikipedia (except in phonology articles), as they do not display correctly in all browsers.