The charts below show the way in which the بین الاقوامی صوتیاتی ابجد represents اوسیشیائی زبان pronunciations in Wikipedia articles.

See Ossetic phonology for a more thorough discussion of the sounds of اوسیشیائی زبان.

حرف صحیحs
IPA اوسیشیائی زبان Transliteration English approximation
[[|b]] б b bash
[[|ɡ]] г g gate
[[|d]] д d do
[[|v]] в v very
[[|z]] з z zoo
[[|t]] т t astonish
[[|kʼ]] къ kh (ejective) [1]
[[|l]] л l leaf
[[|m]] м m much
[[|n]] н n not
[[|pʼ]] пъ ph (ejective)[1]
[[|ʒ]] ж ž vision
[[|r]] р r road (trilled)
[[|s]] с s sue
[[|tʼ]] тъ th (ejective)[1]
[[|p]] п p spill
[[|k]] к k scan
[[|ʁ]] гъ h فرانسیسی زبان rester
[[|q]] хъ q an uvular k, pronounced like a k but far back in the throat. قازق زبان Қазақстан
[[|ʃ]] ш š shoe
[[|t͡ʃ]] ч č birch
t͡s ц c cats
[[|d͡z]] дз dz pads
t͡sʼ цъ ch (ejective)[1]
[[|t͡ʃʼ]] чъ čh (ejective)[1]
[[|χ]] х x فرانسیسی زبان proche
[[|d͡ʒ]] дж hedge
[[|f]] ф f fan
[[|j]] й j yell
[[|w]] у w we
IPA اوسیشیائی زبان Transliteration English approximation
[[|ə]] æ æ about
[[|a]] а a bra
[[|e]] е e sleigh
[[|i]] и i feel
[[|o]] о o raw
[[|u]] у u moon
[[|ɨ]] ы y sausages
  1. ^ ا ب پ ت ٹ Ejective consonants, which do not occur in English, are voiceless consonants that are pronounced with pressure from the throat rather than the lungs.