The chart below shows how the بین الاقوامی صوتیاتی ابجد(IPA) represents والون زبان pronunciation in Wikipedia articles.[1]

English approximations are in some cases very rough, and only intended to give a general idea of the pronunciation.

حرف صحیحs
  معاونت:با ابجدیہ   Examples English approximation
b bén beau
ç hue
d deût do
d͡ʒ moes d' djanvî jeep
f f festival
ɡ gueuye gain
k stoumak, cwand sky
l lére loo
m monde moo
n nawe no
ɲ dignité roughly like canyon
p aprinde spy
ʀ arester No English equivalent
s sûner, cénk, çoula, dissu sing
ʃ chal, schåvler shelf
t tins stop
t͡ʃ tchestea chip
v vint love
χ no English equivalent; similar to Scottish loch or German Bach but further back
z zûner zoo
j yebe yes
w walon wind
  معاونت:با ابجدیہ   Examples English approximation
a gade between pat and bra
a: diâle between pat and bra
ɑ: djåzer spa
ɑ̃ blanc roughly like on (American English)
e bén like hey without the glide
ɛ efant bet
ɛ̃ tchén, rinde roughly like man (RP)
i pitit kit
i: pî see
o: rôze open
ɔ soris law
ɔ̃ djondou roughly like bone (American English)
ø djeu roughly like bird
œ̃ djun roughly like bun
u: n coot
ʊ atouwer book
y pus no English equivalent; French rue; rounded see
y: ût as above, but longer


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