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Mera Story Likhny Ka Dill Chah Raha Hay Lakin Meri Stories Hazaf Kar Di Jati Hay

@SIBGHA FATIMA: صاحبہ! اردو ویکیپیڈیا آپ کے لیے موزوں پلیٹ فارم نہیں ہے۔ اس کے لیے آپ بلاگر] یا ورڈ پریس کا رخ کر سکتی ہیں۔ ہماری نیک تمنائیں آپ کے ساتھ ہیں۔ --مزمل الدین (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 09:05، 28 مارچ 2020ء (م ع و)

ویکیپیڈیا:منتظمین/رائے شماری/Bigbukhariترميم

ویکیپیڈیا:منتظمین/رائے شماری/Bigbukhari یہاں اپنی رائے دیں۔ MediaWiki message delivery (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 16:42، 6 اپریل 2020ء (م ع و)

اظہار تشکرترميم

جناب کی خدمت میں آداب عرض ہے!!!

ویکی محبوب خواتین کے تحریری مسابقے میں آپ کی غیر معمولی شرکت پر تشکر نامہ پیش خدمت ہے۔ ہم امید کرتے ہیں کہ آپ اسی جوش و ولولے کے ساتھ آئندہ مسابقوں میں حصہ لے کر اردو کی ترویج و ترقی میں اپنا کردار ادا کرتے رہیں گے۔فیسمین (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 13:31، 17 اپریل 2020ء (م ع و)

شکریہ! --مزمل الدین (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 14:43، 17 اپریل 2020ء (م ع و)

Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2020ترميم


Thank you for your contribution in Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2020. We appreciate your time and efforts in bridging gender gap on Wikipedia. Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we will not be couriering the prizes in the form of mechanize in 2020 but instead offer a gratitude token in the form of online claimable gift coupon. Please fill this form by last at June 10 for claiming your prize for the contest.

Wiki Love and regards!

Wiki Loves Folklore International Team.

--MediaWiki message delivery (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 14:10، 31 مئی 2020ء (م ع و)

I filled the Google form. میں گوگل فارم پُر کیا۔ --مزمل الدین (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 15:01، 31 مئی 2020ء (م ع و)

Project Tiger 2.0 - Feedback from writing contest participants (editors) and Hardware support recipientsترميم

Dear Wikimedians,

We hope this message finds you well.

We sincerely thank you for your participation in Project Tiger 2.0 and we want to inform you that almost all the processes such as prize distribution etc related to the contest have been completed now. As we indicated earlier, because of the ongoing pandemic, we were unsure and currently cannot conduct the on-ground community Project Tiger workshop.

We are at the last phase of this Project Tiger 2.0 and as a part of the online community consultation, we request you to spend some time to share your valuable feedback on the Project Tiger 2.0 writing contest.

Please fill this form to share your feedback, suggestions or concerns so that we can improve the program further.

Note: If you want to answer any of the descriptive questions in your native language, please feel free to do so.

Thank you. Nitesh Gill (talk) 15:57, 10 June 2020 (UTC)

Digital Postcards and Certificationsترميم

Dear Participants and Organizers,

Because of the COVID19 pandemic, there are a lot of countries’ international postal systems not reopened yet. We would like to send all the participants digital postcards and digital certifications for organizers to your email account in the upcoming weeks. For the paper ones, we will track the latest status of the international postal systems of all the countries and hope the postcards and certifications can be delivered to your mailboxes as soon as possible.

Take good care and wish you all the best.

This message was sent by Wikipedia Asian Month International Team via MediaWiki message delivery (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 18:58، 20 جون 2020ء (م ع و)

Wiki Loves Women South Asia Barnstar Awardترميم


Thank you for contributing to the Wiki Loves Women South Asia 2020. We are appreciative of your tireless efforts to create articles about Women in Folklore on Wikipedia. We are deeply inspired by your persistent efforts, dedication to bridge the gender and cultural gap on Wikipedia. Your tireless perseverance and love for the movement has brought us one step closer to our quest for attaining equity for underrepresented knowledge in our Wikimedia Projects. We are lucky to have amazing Wikimedians like you in our movement. Please find your Wiki Loves Women South Asia postcard here. Kindly obtain your postcards before 15th July 2020.

Keep shining!

Wiki Loves Women South Asia Team

MediaWiki message delivery (تبادلۂ خیالشراکتیں) 13:27، 5 جولائی 2020ء (م ع و)